Neymar Jr’s Five Coming to Australia

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The annual event known as Neymar Jr’s Five is back again in Australia for the state qualifiers. Neymar Jr’s Five, for those that may not have heard of it is a yearly 5-aside tournament in Brazil, where one team from almost every country competes to win the Neymar Jr’s Five Trophy. The competition was started last year and saw over 65,000 players from 47 countries compete in the tournament with at least 50 countries set to compete in this year’s competition.

Unlike normal 5-aside football matches, Neymar Jr’s Five is a lot different. First of all, it is for players who are aged between 16-25. However, each team is allowed two players who are over the age of 25. The game doesn’t allow goalkeepers either, but the goals are however a lot smaller than regular 5-aside games. This decrease in goal size also means that a player cannot go inside the goal area. The goal area is a small semi-circle around the goal, 2,2 yards in diameter. A full match also lasts 10 minutes, or until a team is “Outplayed”.   Now “Outplayed” is where Neymar Jr’s Five really differs from regular 5-aside games. The “Outplayed” rule implies, that once a team scores, one player from the opposition team must leave the field. Therefore, once one team scores enough goals they eliminate the whole team, and win the game. If the game ends with the same number of players and goals, the match is ended as a draw. This applies for qualifiers and group match games only, but once in the knockout stage, the game is ended by a golden goal 1 v 1. This rule basically means one player from each team face off until a goal is scored, crowning the winner.

The competition qualifiers are played in all states, besides the Northern Territory, and start on the 1st of April and go all throughout April and May. The locations and dates are below:

  • University of Queensland
    • Wednesday 5th April 6:00pm
  • Gympie
    • Saturday 8th April 11:00 am
  • Brisbane
    • Sunday 9th April 3:00pm
  • Sunshine Coast
    • Tuesday 11 April 6:00pm
  • Moreton Bay
    • Tuesday 18th April 6:00pm
  • Gold Coast
    • Saturday 22 April 10:00am
  • Townsville
    • Thursday 27th April 6:00pm
  • Cairns
    • Friday 28th April 6:00pm

New South Wales

  • Lismore
    • Thursday 6th April 6:30pm
  • Marrickville
    • Wednesday 12th April 6:30pm
  • Tuggerah
    • Thursday 20th April 6:30pm
  • Wagga Wagga
    • Thursday 27th April 6:30 pm
  • Lakemba
    • Wednesday 3rd May 6:30pm
  • Wollongong
    • Friday 12th May 6:30pm
  • Penrith
    • Tuesday 16th May 6:30pm
  • Lake Macquarie
    • Friday 19th May 6:30pm
  • Caringbah
    • Tuesday 23rd May 6:30pm

Australian Capital Territory

  • Canberra
    • Thursday 18th May 6:30pm


  • Dandenong
    • Monday 3rd April 6:30pm
  • Geelong
    • Thursday 6th April 6:30pm
  • Melbourne
    • Friday 7th April 2:00pm
  • Bairnsdale
    • Monday 10th April 6:30pm
  • Bendigo
    • Wednesday 12th April 6:30pm
  • Knox
    • Wednesday 19th April 6:30pm
  • Burwood
    • Friday 21st April 2:00pm
  • Wangaratta
    • Saturday 20 May 2:00pm
  • Shepparton
    • Sunday 21 May 2:00pm


  • Launceston
    • Sunday 14th May 2:00pm

South Australia

  • Windsor Gardens
    • Wednesday 5th April 6:30pm
  • Stepney
    • Thursday 11th May 6:30pm
  • Noarlunga
    • Friday 19th May 6:30pm
  • Salisbury East
    • Sunday 21st May 6:30pm

Western Australia

  • Mandurah
    • Saturday 1st April 4:00pm
  • Margaret River
    • Wednesday 12th April 6:00pm
  • Kalgoorlie
    • Saturday 29th April 9:00am
  • Joondalup
    • Wednesday 17th May 6:00pm
  • Perth
    • Saturday 20th May 9:00am

For more information on Neymar Jr’s Five and how to sign up go to:


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